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I started selling giftware in 1998. I started designing websites in 2000 so I could have a website for my giftware.

In 2005 visiting in Arizona I was looking at neighborhood yards. Such beautiful area, looking at yards…these yards need a bird feeder. These yards need an outdoor fountain.

There are alot of sites that offer Home and Garden. In the mid 90’s Country Home and Garden businesses were popular. Home and Garden Party was popular at that time. In the millenium I never seen any sites that were just garden decor and patio decor. There probably sites out there but the  popular ones were  home and garden.  I thought maybe I could do something different.

Where were the people who sell garden decor only? I didn’t see anything in the early 2000’s.

I decided to build a garden decor site. I had Starlite Gardens for a short time then for the last five years sold garden decor on Nowa’s Marketplace via storenvy.  Storenvy is ok but I can’t offer an affiliate program. So I decided to go ahead and do the garden with an affiliate again.

I been selling garden decor at flea markets and online for years… now I am offering the club membership. You can get your garden decor at a discount price.

This business be good for those who want to sell garden decor, decorate your neighbor’s yard, show off a patio, or have a  home party. Vendor shows will be good too.   For the person who is busy just wants to buy a few items we can offer a preferred customer  program.

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